That LA sky

Los Angeles is a strange, strange place. It’s a difficult city to love, and i couldn’t shake the feeling that there is so much misery behind all that glamour. But even though it’s a tough and superficial place, there is one thing about it that is of unbelievable beauty: the  sky. There’s something about it – i don’t know why, or how, but it’s the  most beautiful sky i’ve ever seen.

I flew in to LA to meet up with Chris who had been travelling around the US and Canada for the past few months. I was really excited to see him again, but also looking forward to exploring  new places (i’d never been to the States before). Chris had booked a cool hotel overlooking Venice beach. I was little jetlagged to say the least, but also crazy happy to be there. We had a walk around the (in)famous Venice beach boardwalk,

and then went up to the hotel rooftop bar for some welcome to the States drinks overlooking the city:

But all the magic of the LA sky unfolded the next morning, when chris woke me up to watch the sun rise come up in that amazing sky:

 (also watched the surfers come out for an early morning ride)..

As i said, Los Angeles is a strange place – but that first morning… that sky! whenever i found myself wondering what all the fuss was about, i just remembered how beautiful that sky was.

PS: Sunset on Malibu beach is also out of this world…


  1. Chaz Inouye says:

    Hello Vicky,
    My name is Chaz Inouye and I am from Otis College of Art and Design, in Los Angeles. We are doing a small project for a non-profit organization and we would like to use one of your photos in our presentation. The last sunrise beach photo was the one we had in mind because it has a beautiful color spectrum. Please email me back at as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and we would really appreciate it if we could use because we did not want to use it without your permission. I hope you had a great time when you were here in LA and thanks again.

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