Adventures in urban gardening

Remember my tiny little herb garden?

In case you were interested, it’s growing! :-)

Herb garden

Watching it grow is fascinating. The best one is coriander – it’s really going nuts over here!

IMG_4786 (Large)

IMG_4906 (Large)

I mean, look at it:

IMG_5095 (Large)

It recently graduated from the baby leaves to real, delicious coriander leaves that i find very difficult not to pinch and nibble every now and again.

IMG_5097 (Large)

And oh my god i love coriander. I can’t wait (for Chris) to make a delicious curry and sprinkle home grown stuff on it. Yum.

Chives seem to be doing quite well on a bright windowsill as well:

IMG_4782 (Large)

IMG_4907 (Large)

(even though it’s turning out sort of gangly and awkward – still tastes delicious. I’m curious to see how it will develop!). As you can probably see from the above pictures, i’m also regrowing some ginger (instructions here!). There’s not much to report so far on that front. It’s looking like it’s about to sprout though, so fingers crossed! I also tried to grow an avocado tree from a stone, but after keeping it around for about three weeks with no results i sort of lost my patience and threw it out (it didn’t help that it was always in the way and we kept spilling its water all over the place). The basil and parsley are being quite difficult, surprisingly – they stopped at the first baby leaves and don’t seem to want to grow any further. C’mon basil! We’re gonna get there.

P.S. We got these great compostable pots for sprouting seeds, but i actually enjoy planting them in all sorts of old tins and jars – i knew there was a reason i saved everything :-). And the collection of old jam jars and tin cans on the windowsill looks lovely!

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